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The Design Thinking toolkit

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Innovation is the core of the Dentsu Aegis Network, so we’ve created this program to help our people and their partners become solution gurus.

Our simple Design Thinking toolkit can help you solve challenging problems or client briefs, and our team of Innovation Champions are here to help you get the outcomes you want.

Innovation Framework

We’ve designed this framework to guide you through the four states of innovation.

Identify which state your idea is currently in, then choose the tools you will need to move forward. The framework is continuous so you can repeat the cycle until you find a solution.


How do I understand my audience?
How do I come up with great ideas?
How do I know if my idea is working?
How do I translate my learnings into an opportunity?
How do I decide what tactics to employ?

Explore, Make

Journey Mapping

Visually capture all steps in your user's journey through a service or task to identify challenges and address opportunities.

Explore, Choose

Empathy Mapping

Map out earlier research and assumptions to gain an understanding of the needs of the people you want to innovate for.


Goal Trees

Break down broad business goals into smaller actions to help your team see what is needed to achieve them.


In-depth Interviews

Gain a deep understanding of people, their values and motivations to fuel your research, or test your prototypes.

Explore, Make


Gain empathy for your users as you visualise their current or future experience, uncover challenges and refine ideas.

Explore, Make

Rapid Ideation

Address challenges in a structured and enthusiastic way to generate ideas, explore solutions, and consider insights.


5 Whys

Uncover the roots of challenges or problems to discover solutions or opportunities.

Explore, Choose, Make, Test

Co-design / Co-creation

Get your stakeholders together to design a solution, service or product that meets everyone’s needs and expectations.

Explore, Test

Surveys / Quantitative Research

Get a measure of attitudes, opinions, behaviours and data, to help you understand broad trends in your focus area.

Choose, Make

Affinity Mapping

Analyse your earlier research, define the problem and develop solutions by mapping the common themes.


HMW statements

Reframe insights or problems into a question that help launch brainstorms or address opportunities.


Impact/Effort Matrix

Prioritise ideas, features or solutions after a brainstorm, or when you’re creating a MVP.


Rapid Prototyping

Learn how to quickly build a rough version of your idea, test it against your users’ needs, get feedback and improve it. 

Make, Test

Hypothesis Creation

Before testing, define your innovation’s metrics so that you’ll get clear results that you can use to determine your next steps.



Learn how to write a clear value proposition for your idea, so that you can win support from other parties.


Live Prototyping

Test how your innovation would work if it became a reality, and measure the results against your hypotheses.


Over the next 12 months, we’ll be inducting Innovation Champions in each agency — they’ll be trained to coach you on how to use the toolkit to get the outcomes you want. Meet our current team of Innovation Champions.

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